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Insolvency & Corporate Recovery Specialists

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We provide advice and solutions to companies and individuals that are struggling financially. We also provide advice to creditors, professionals and lenders involved with businesses that have financial problems.

When a business is facing financial distress or is considered insolvent, we may be able to help rescue it if action is taken at an early stage. We can deploy a team of experts at short notice to deal with any UK or international business, including owner-managed enterprises to large multinationals. Our team has an excellent reputation and a proven track record.

If you are struggling financially, we can protect you from your creditors

If your business is struggling financially, you may find that paying creditors is difficult or impossible. It is advisable that you maintain a direct and honest approach with all your creditors to avoid them putting excess pressure on you. Experiencing creditor pressure can be a stressful time for business owners. We understand that dealing with hostile creditors is both time consuming and unpleasant. Our highly skilled team of experts can take this pressure off your hands and allow you to concentrate on rebuilding your business. In certain situations, it is possible to obtain a moratorium from the court preventing creditors from taking any further action or proceedings against you or your business.